About Timeless Tins Ltd.

Custom Tin Packaging Manufacturer delivering to the USA, Canada and Europe

We supply high quality specialty tin boxes and unique custom tin packaging solutions to the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. We work closely with you to provide the ideal soltuion to your tin packaging needs - analysing your customer, your product, your competitive set, your fulfilment capabilty and your budget. Together we create a package solution that stands out. Your success to is primary our goal.

Timeless Tins Ltd. is committed to unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing and outstanding quality custom tin boxes. You get a seamless experience because we manage every aspect of the process for you; concept, design, manufacturing, freight, customs and duty, and delivery to your door in the USA, Canada or elsewhere, all for one low price. We possess over 3000 custom tin packaging toolings - so we likely have the shape and size you require - and if required we design artwork for your custom tins that will inspire your customers to buy your product. Our minimum order starts at just 5000 pieces and typically we can deliver your custom tin packaging as quickly as 10 weeks from sign-off on the final art. 

Call us today, we'd love to work with you. 1-866-951-0299